Captain Joe

Psychometric tests ... they sound terrible ... but again practise and preparation are key. I'm not getting paid for saying this but the developers of SkyTest did an amazing job on getting you ready for those multitasking and concentration tests.

Pilot George

How to prepare... Technical Assessment Preparation Guide: Within the field of aspiring pilots SkyTest has gained quite the reputation for its accuracy in replicating technical assessments. They achieved a strong likeness for the former tests known as PILAPT and I'm pleased to say they've gone on to do it once again for the cut-e assessment.

Barrier Breaking Pilot

The SkyTest package was "simply the best" application to use when preparing for the "Pilot Aptitude Test" at Dibden Manor. This is my favorite software and would strongly recommend this to all "Barrier Breakers"! Dibden Manor in particular now assess potential pilots through the SKYTEST PAN ASIA software (CUT-E)!!! Good luck Barrier Breakers!!

Pilot Bible

SkyTest is a highly reviewed software which offers the most up to date aptitude testing across the world. It has different options depending on which airline you’re applying for/software they use.

Pilot Visnu

When it comes to Pilot Aptitude Test the preparation has never come easy. But SkyTest has developed very good multitasking and orientation tasks that will train cadets very well. By far this is the best & perfect software that is available. They also cover parts such as physics, maths, spatial orientation, etc. Invest once and you will not regret it. "Kudos To The Team".

Captain Feras

These are programs that will help you prepare for pilot acceptance tests.
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Emerald Airlines
Direct Entry Captains
Braathens Regional Airways
First Officers for Airbus A320
Braathens Regional Airways
First Officers for ATR 72-600