Airline Pilot Selection and Interview Workbook (Ultimate Airline Selection)

Airline Selection 250

The Ultimate Insiders Guide (Testing Series)

by Lee Woolaston

Airline Pilot Selection and Interview Workbook Airline pilot selection and interview workbook is the ultimate resource for any aspiring pilot. It contains a mass if sample interview questions and answers, industry tips and insider advice from a serving flying Captain of a major UK airline.

The guide will provide candidates with approximately 500 sample interview questions, non-technical test questions and insider information on how to score high during the airline pilot selection process.

Lee Woolaston is currently a Flying Instructor and Captain with a Major UK Regional Airline. He currently flies the Embraer 135/145, a modern regional passenger jet airliner. He has approaching 5000 flying hours total time (3500 with the Airlines) and holds a JAR-FCL ATPL.


128 page

ISBN: 9781907558658

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