Climbing to Altitude: The Professional Pilot Career Guide

Lulu Climbing To AltitudeBy Cevos Group

Paperback, 89 Pages

For aspiring aviation professionals, or those looking to launch into the next stage of their flying careers, the Pilot Career Guide is an essential tool. Designed for reference this book has been written for aviation career development, both in Canada and abroad. Whether you’re looking to advance your networking skills, refine your professional resume or simply better understand the aviation industry, this guide gives you the inside track– from chief pilots and airline recruiters– on today’s industry expectations for perspective candidates throughout the screening process.


ISBN: 9780557391455

Copyright: Cevos Group Limited & (Standard Copyright Licence)

Edition: First Edition

Publisher: Cevos Group | Aviation Publishing

Published: 23 April 2010

Language: English

Pages: 89

Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback

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