Future Pilots Checklist: A guidebook on how to become a pilot

Future Pilots Checklist 400by Noemí Prat


This guidebook will

✔ Have an idea of the reasons why you want to become a pilot

✔ Clear up the industry's most common misconceptions

✔ Know our world: phases of flight, typical airline day, etc

✔ Know all the different jobs you can do as a pilot

✔ Know the industry's pros and cons

✔ Know the academic requirements required

✔ Know the interpersonal skills airlines look for

✔ Have different funding options

✔ Know how to look for the right flight school

✔ Know what to expect on getting the pilot medical certificate

✔ Know the English level required

✔ Find a complete description of the pilot licenses/certificates under the EASA and the FAA regulations

✔ Know how to convert your license/certificate to the FAA and EASA

✔ Find great tips and tricks to excel during pilot training!

Noemí Prat was born in a rural small village west of Barcelona city, in Spain. From a very young age, for her, traveling and flying are synonyms of freedom. She started in the aviation industry at the early age of 19 as a flight attendant. Her journey has taken her from flying around European skies to flying worldwide for the most renowned company in the middle east. In 2013, she decided to take it further and became a commercial pilot. For the last 5 years, she has been flying a Boeing 737 as a first officer in Europe's biggest company. Author of the guidebook “Future Pilots Checklist,” her goal is to guide and coach future commercial pilot aspirants into becoming pilots.


Pages: 310
Date: November 2020
ISBN: 979-8563766396

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