Boeing 737NG Training Syllabus (B/W Paperback version)

UTEM 737NG 200A complete training syllabus for the 737NG Flight Simulation enthusiast. Filled with descriptions and graphics that describe how to operate this modern jet airliner simulation like the "Pros do".


Captain Mike Ray has created a training syllabus that will take the Flight Simulation from cold-dark to parking checklist ... step by step and detail by detail. The complete course concludes with a checkride that will evaluate your proficiency.

This paperback version of Captain Mike Ray's book on training to fly the 737NG is a great bargain. You get all the same information that is in the pricier color version ... and the same graphic and text that makes the volume such a popular item for both professional airline pilots as well as Flight Simmers. So get a copy ... and learn to fly the 737NG like the pros do.


400 pages

ISBN: 978-1481260602

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