ASA: Commercial Pilot Oral Exam Guide

ASA Commerical 200The Comprehensive Guide to Prepare You for the FAA Oral Exam

Contains the questions most frequently asked by FAA examiners during the commercial pilot checkride, and the appropriate responses.

Written to help prepare applicants for their oral exams and checkrides with FAA examiners. Using a question-and-answer format, each Oral Exam Guide lists the questions most likely to be asked by examiners and provides succinct, ready responses. Pilots will find these guides indispensable tools in both planning for what to expect during the airplane checkride, and mastering the subject matter. Instructors rate them as excellent preparation for students, as well as preps for aircraft transitions, and as general refresher material.

This book is designed for pilots involved in training for the Commercial Pilot’s License. Thorough explanations of pilot responsibilities, technical subject areas and the required maneuvers—including steep spirals and power-off accuracy approach/landings—are covered in this simulated oral test format. This Seventh Edition also includes Aeronautical Decision Making and Cockpit Resource Management (ADM and CRM), covering situational awareness and the use of checklists.

Additional study questions are included at the conclusion of each chapter to further aid learning. Answers were researched using FAA documents as well as interviews with FAA examiners, and are supported by references throughout so readers know where they can go to learn more. Also includes an “Applicant’s Practical Test Checklist,” a handy reminder sheet for what to take with you and how to prepare for the day of the oral and checkride. Soft cover, 240 pp. (Seventh Edition, 2010.) ASA-OEG-C7

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